Dumfries & Galloway Property Guide: History


The region has a rich and fascinating history, full of tales of invading armies and border raids. This has left its mark on Dumfries & Galloway, where many fine castles, Abbeys and fortified farmhouses remain as a signpost towards the past. A lesser known fact is that the Romans were not confined by Hadrian's Wall, and invaded the south of Scotland several times. They established large camps and fortifications, and those buying a property in Annan will still be able to see some of the remains today.

For 200 years, the peace of this beautiful part of the world was frequently interrupted by fierce fighting between powerful families on either side of the border. These 'border reivers' were fast, well armed horseman with no national allegiances - who rode by night to steal cattle and goods. The many fortified tower houses of Dumfries & Galloway are testament to the local people's defences against these raiders.
Nowadays, Dumfries & Galloway has a diverse economy, including agriculture, fishing and tourism. The naturally welcoming people of the region prove to be perfect hosts, and visitors and settlers in the area are guaranteed warm hospitality in this perfect wilderness.

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